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anxiety disorders generalized anxiety disorder chronic anxiety disorder anxiety in the elderly aggression in developmentally disabled agitated dementia emotional behavioral problems in brain injury geriatric depression adjunctive use with ssri in major depression mixed anxiety and depression enhance major depression response to ssri antidepressant induced sexual dysfunction alcohol withdrawal reduces anxiety of needing a drink obsessive compulsive depression use Order buspar with prozac decreases neuroleptic adverse effects reduces tardive dyskinesia reduces akathisia reduces parkinsonism.

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when asked several times to discuss its strategy to extend the patents on buspar and on other drugs, bristol-myers refused.

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to go over briefly the facts buy diabecon side of the case bristol-myers produces buspar, a prescription drug used in treating anxiety disorders and the patent for buspar was due to expire on november 22nd, 2000.

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if a patient has been titrated to a stable dosage on buspirone, a dose adjustment of order reminyl xl buspar may be necessary to avoid adverse events attributable to buspar or diminished anxiolytic activity.

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